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Flamingo Xcambó tour

  • Duration: 2.5 Hours
  • Adults $25
  • Kids $25
  • Bracelet Color: Pink

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The pink color is imposed on the Yucatan swamps, prepare to be enchanted by one the most beautiful birds of the animal kingdom: The Flamingos.

If you choose this tour, you will find a species that seems to be willing to offer you a wonderful natural show. Have your cell phone's camera ready to capture flamingos in a single leg, spreading their wings, dipping their head and part of their long necks in the water, making noises to communicate and having an active social life. And if pink has become your favorite color, then nothing better than taking a walk in waters of this color, an experience that is lived in the rose salt farms.

You will have spectacular photos for your social media.

After having fun with the pink birds and water, get ready to marvel at the archaeological area of Xcambó, where you will find pre-Hispanic Mayan architecture in the same place where a Catholic ceremonial center was later built.

The Temple of the Holy Cross and the Temple of Sacrifices are examples of religious practices before and after the arrival of the Spanish conquerors.

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