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  • Duration: 5 Hours
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“The House of the Soothsayer” was built in a single night by a dwarf who was born of an egg and was raised by a witch ….

Do you want to know more? Visit Uxmal, The Mayan city that was the center of the political, economic and religious power of the Maya.

Today Uxmal has been declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco. On the tour you will be revealed the face of one of the most important deities of Mayan mythology: Chaac, the god of the rain.

In the “Governor´s Palace” you will find more than 100 stone masks, an image you will not forget. The mystique of this ancient civilization is present in every detail, “The Convent” was a school of Mayan healers, astrologers and priests; the “Nun´s Square” is a huge courtyard with buildings, in each of them there is a mystery to be discovered, such as red-handed paintings, representations of two-headed snakes and other mythological figures. At every step you discover the architectural wonders that worship the water, the earth, the sun and the planet Venus, all part of the Mayan cosmogony that, it is said, has influence from extraterrestrial civilizations...

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