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Walking by yourself

  • Duration: You have to be 1 hour before the departure of your boat.
  • Adults $10
  • Kids $10
  • Bracelet Color: N/A

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If you are walking through the beautiful streets of White City Merida, we recommend that you pay attention to the beautiful sound of birds singing and have the privilege of hearing one of the oldest languages in Mexico: "The Maya", in downtown the streets are colonial, you can see many of the woman walking downtown in their "Hypyles" (typical clothes for women in Yucatan) that most times are handmade embroidered and painted in many colors, you can taste the city commons fruits of the region like Huayas, Nances, Zapotes and many delights of the South Region.

At the heart of the city we have "La plaza Grande" (The main Square) the reflection of our beautiful White City, the temperature most of the time is very hot so we recommend if you are walking through the Plaza Grande walk to the arches where you will find one of the most famous and tasteful ice cream parlor that is a tradition in Merida, and you can cool off the best coconut, buttered, lime and different flavors of our region.

Once you have enjoyed and cool off, you can walk through the magnificent buildings like The Government Palace, The Olimpo Cultural Center, the beautiful house of the Montejo family and the first cathedral in Latin America, where it has passages ways that connect to other temples.

In the White City you can enjoy the architecture, art, trees and gastronomy and many things, you can also buy a Marquesita ( a crispy crepe or waffle stiffed with dutch cheese) which is one of the most famous and delicious desserts we have on our city.

So you can store in your mind the heat, the smells, and the taste of our delicious gastronomy of Merida and you can plan your future return to our city.

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